Puppy Training

Puppies make everyone smile, they are cute, cuddly and happy.

Puppy Training

The problem begins when the cuteness is replaced by…….

  • howling and whining at night as you try and sleep.
  • peeing and pooping around your house
  • Relentless biting and chewing of everyone and everything
  • jumping all over yourself and guests

Many of these behaviors are very typical of having a puppy. Getting control of these behaviors is where training begins. Learning how to manage and teach what you do want is important in your puppy’s development. New Beginnings Dog Training will access the problems you are experiencing with your puppy and design a solution for the best way to stop the behavior and teach new ones.
Puppies are like sponges for learning, they can absorb so much at this early age. Don’t wait for small problems to become bigger ones. If you are struggling with your puppy…

Puppy Training German Shepherd Lehigh Valley, PA.


  • Crate Training
  • House Breaking
  • Biting and Teething
  • Jumping Up
  • Walking on a leash
  • Proper Games to Play
  • Beginning Obedience

Call today so the changes can begin.

A puppy training program may be the best gift you give yourself!