Bryson a 5 month old Boston Terrier from Easton, PA. came to me for a 1 week Puppy Board & Train. I started him immediately on basic behavior training that includes Place, Sit, Down, Come Wait, Crate Manners and Heel. He excelled at his enthusiasm to learn all while feeling like these were fun playful activities. His owner gave him the gift of early training!

This is what Bryson’s owners said about our training:

Kristie did an exceptional job training our dog, Bryson! Her dedication and hard work proved to be successful in just one short week. It was hard to send Bryson away for training, but her professional approach and natural love for animals made the decision so much easier.

Located in New Jersey, it was well worth the travel to find someone who could turn a rambunctious puppy into a well-mannered dog She kept us abreast of his successes during his stay and zoned in on areas that needed more work. Bryson returned home as the fun, loving and now obedient dog we treasure. I’m finally able to eat at the table without Bryson barking at me for food. We would like to thank you for your dedication and all your hard work training Bryson. Marvin!

Marvin from Easton Pa