A New Year’s Goal

NEW BEGINNINGS………It is both my company name as well as what you can achieve in this new year.

We always start the year off with a blank page, uncluttered with what the year prior has thrown at us. As you prepare to activate your new years’ resolution(s); The new gym membership, diet or the desire to unclutter, remember to add your dog or puppy to your goals. Training can be essential to the success and stability of the year ahead.

Whether it is a small Shih Tzu or a large German Shepard don’t wait to see if problems will fix themselves. Generally, problems escalate and get worse, in my experience. If your dogs’ behavior is a problem then take the steps to do something about it.  You don’t want to find yourself stuck hoping for the best or assuming your dog with work its own issues out.

Sometimes you remember the last dog you had that hardly needed training. Dogs like people have their own personality and each are unique.  Sometimes a dog just needs more help to get on the path to better behavior. Seek help to accomplish your goals if you feel overwhelmed. We hire plumbers to fix pipes, we hire landscapers to mow our lawn, so why not hire a dog trainer to work with you and your dog. Create a better relationship with your dog and a better life for you both. The year will get cluttered no doubt but you can decide if this is one of your goals to accomplish.

A New Year’s Resolution that doesn’t get broken!