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by | May 17, 2017

Rescuing a dog is a wonderful thing.  We can have the satisfaction of knowing we have removed a dog from being in an often difficult situation.  Rescue dogs are often scared and lonely, sometimes surrendered by owners, sometimes found running loose and sometimes born into a rescue situation.

We all know the dogs who come to us from a rescue may have issues.  Often these issues are not because of being in the rescue but the” reason” they are in the rescue.  Many rescue dogs are surrendered because the cute puppy cannot get house broken or chews up the owners valuables. Because of lack of knowledge on the part of a previous owner a dog may now be a rescue dog.


We all know the dogs who come to us from a rescue may have issues.

Not every dog comes from a dog fighting situation.  Expect some behavior modification is going to be needed.  It might be housebreaking, over excited behavior, shyness or dog to dog issues.

Being a rescue dog is not an excuse for bad behavior.  Dogs can learn new behaviors through training.  When you get a new rescue dog there may be a honeymoon period for a week or so when the dog may seem almost perfect.  Understand there is nothing for a dog in a pound or rescue to own. It is only when they settle in and begin to relax that they realize “this is mine.” That is when you may see some true behaviors begin to emerge.

Be proud that you can offer your rescue dog a loving home and provide the guidance and training they will need.  They will no longer be a rescue, they will just be your dog.

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