Does your dog have reliable commands?  Can you give your dog a command knowing he will comply?  Do you have to repeat commands over and over until eventually you get what you want or give up?

Sit, sit sit, SIT…finally!

A command of Come is much easier when you are calling your dog to dinner than when you are outside and your dog is distracted smelling.

Over-excitement can also work to derail your efforts in getting your dog to comply with your requests. Think of how well your dog listens when a guest comes into your house.


Part of training is to set up and practice repeatedly everyday distractions.  A long line placed on your dog can help when training the Come Command. Place can be utilized during suppertime to pattern calmness and a specific location during your meal. 

Regardless of the commands, our expectations need to be consistent.  How can we expect our dogs to comply if we give up or don’t enforce the rules? Noncompliance by our dogs to obey a command dilutes the effectiveness and make it optional. If your dog is running into the road is come really optional? I hope not!