At the end of any year it is always a time to review and reflect on how the year went, in general.

What were your positives and what didn’t go so well?  Sometimes we all wish for a “do over” in many aspects of our lives.  Where can I make changes for the coming year and make things better, a reset so to speak.

I have had the privilege to work with many great dog owners and their pups. Owners that embraced change, kept appointments, did their homework, all for the betterment of their dogs. Here in Eastern Pennsylvania an area called the Lehigh Valley there are many dog trainers to choose from. I acknowledge and appreciate those dog owners that hired me to work with them and their dogs. I commend you because it is not always easy making changes. It can be far easier to do things as they have been. Yet the changes you make can cause lasting behavior changes in your dog that affects your quality of life as well.

Not lettings your dog rush through doorways, waiting calmly to eat, walking without pulling and not jumping uncontrollably when you have house guests. These are just a few important behaviors that you have the right to ask for.

As we close out this year and open up a new one I wish you all the best for the coming year personally and with your canine. I want everyone to have a happy and healthy relationship with their puppy, adolescent, and adult dog.  If we aren’t there yet, then let the work continue. I invite you to continue to follow my Facebook Page for regular updates and tips – New Beginnings Dog Traning Facebook

Thank you!