Here are a couple of questions for you…

  • Is your dog allowed to be loose in the house when you are not home?
  • Does your dog steal in an effort to get your attention?
  • Does your dog push through doorways to get outside?
  • Does your dog jump on guests when they come to your house?
  • Will your dog come when you call him?
  • Is your dog barking at other dogs or people?
  • Do you walk your dog or does your dog walk you?
  • Can you take food or a bone away from your dog?
  • Is your dog allowed on your furniture or in your bed?

The answer to these questions may be the root to problems you are experiencing with your dog.  We may experience a problem in one area and not another. 

Overexcited, pushy behavior leads to dogs that have to be put away when guests arrive or walked at night.  Address behavior in one area and you may experience a benefit in another. Become believable!

A yes to some of the above just means there is work to do.